Carbon Fiber Cigar Case (Three-Piece)

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Limited Edition

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Introducing our Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Cigar Case (Three-Piece). Inspired by exotic sports cars and handcrafted from genuine carbon fiber to achieve a truly long lasting product.


The Original Carbon Fiber Cigar Case by Carbon Clip. The last cigar case you will ever need. Each Carbon Fiber Cigar Case is handcrafted from 100% genuine carbon fiber that is smoothed, laminated, and polished diligently to achieve superior finish quality. 

This cigar case can hold up to three cigars, and you'll hardly notice it in your pocket because its lightweight and minimal design makes it unobtrusive to the user. Forget carrying your cigars in cases that will allow for them to be damaged, this carbon fiber cigar case offers full protection for your cigars.

We take pride in providing a high quality product along with customer satisfaction. Every product is assessed by our quality assurance team before shipment.